Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday... the stress is on!

Well, we have been absolutely getting POUNDED with snow and winter weather the last two weeks. We had an entire week off school last week (between presidents day and snow storms 1&2). We returned monday on a two hour delay due to ice and the threat of more snow (enter snow #3). The snow ended up coming later in the day and just gave a flurry. Work was as normal yesterday until... enter Snow #4... also supposed to be a dusting and we ended up with over 2" giving us today off. We are also awaiting snow #5, which is supposed to be THE worst tonight into tomorrow...8-10". This should just about be a record for us Virginians. With all of that being said I think it is time for a little wedding planning update....

So we have passed the 5 month mark and the count down is on. I have managed to secure:

  • The groom! (the most important part) 
  • Bridal Party
  • THE dress. 
  • THE shoes (if you only knew what an ordeal this was! BUT the ones I found are just perfect!) 
  • Bridesmaids dresses 
  • venue for both ceremony and reception
  • DJ 
  • Photographer
  • Cake & flowers
  • Started registering
  • Bridesmaids gifts are ALMOST done
  • Mistress of Ceremonies

I am sooo thrilled to have asked my best friend Megan's mom to be my Mistress of Ceremonies. She works at the college M and I went to and has always been a great role model in my life. I am not even sure she realizes how awesome she has already been. This whole process has been a bit overwhelming to me and she came in right away with the right questions and information to help. I am so thankful for her and cannot wait to have her as a part of this big day! 

This was Ms. Bev and I at my induction into the Golden Key International Honor Society in College. 

Big things we still need to accomplish: 
  • Find our officiant
  • Plan/book our honeymoon. 
  • Plan the guys attire 
  • Plan the menu (meeting with the venue next week!) 
  • Centerpieces and decor 
  • Finish registering 
  • Pick hotels for family (this has also been a task at times finding the best place at a good rate in a place everyone wants/needs). 
  • Find Hair and Make-up stylists. 
  • Pick shoes for bridesmaids.
  • .... I am certain there is tons more to do I haven't thought of yet. 
While I am still certain on colors attire, my mind has changed about a million times through out this process on my vision for the reception and decor... Below is my most recent inspiration.

Pinterest has really been my best friend and my worst enemy. I cannot count how many hours I have spent researching and staring and different images on the site. So now I am somewhere in between nautical and beachy. I have changed my mind a million times, and I am sure I will change it a million more before it is all said and done. 

Two other exciting things: My wedding shower dates have been selected and are in the works. My Maid of Honor Emily is throwing one in April and my Step-Mom Kaye is throwing a Pampered Chef shower in June. It is hard to relinquish control, but I am so honored they want to do this for me and I could not be more excited to see what they come up with! 

My awesome Team MOH has also picked and is knee deep in planning my Bachelorette weekend. Which I could not be more excited for!!! The countdown is on....but no really....78 DAYS!!!! 

One exciting event a month from now until the wedding! Through the stresses and struggles I am still so incredibly excited. Family has started making travel plans and arrangements and we are in the works of starting invitations. 

143 days... It is getting so REAL! Can't wait to become his Mrs! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

Ah, I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted! So it is a time to update on all things wedding related! I introduced the bridal party in one of my previous Wedding Wednesday posts.

Of course we picked our official date....... JULY 18TH, 2015! We also managed to select and send out our Save the Dates! That was quite the feat for me! After debating and several designer changes, I finally picked our save the dates, and I just adore them!

We finally picked our location...after much searching I might add... and will be getting married at the local military base. We are going to have our ceremony outside on the water and the reception inside their banquet hall (also overlooking the water). I couldn't love it more! I was born on this base, M and I's Dad's both spent time working there and one of his siblings was also born there. Not to mention I just love everything about the water and its view! The venue overlooks the waterway where I spend the summers on the boat with my dad!

We also chose our colors! After much deliberation.... navy blue and seamist (teal/turquoise/mint...) was the winner! So far is seems everyone loves the idea. Two of my favorite colors perfect for a summer wedding! Just a few photos of my inspirations below! I cannot wait until it gets closer and we can start getting the details laid out! 

After many trials, and much deliberation on my part.... I may very well be the most indecisive person on the planet.... we picked the bridesmaids dresses!!! I am so lucky to have such patient and supportive maids. They are awesome and have been so encouraging every step of the way so far! It is NAVY  and chiffon! Most of the girls seemed to love it!! It was expensive in the boutique's around here, but with the help of my lovely matron of honor, we found it online at Perfect Bridal!! They have been fantastic! They allow you to register your maids so they can all order at their convenience by a deadline and all the dresses will be ordered and shipped together so they can be from the same dye lot (which I have heard can be quite problematic for chiffon)!

We have also found our DJ! I absolutely LOVE him! I worked with him back in my bartending days. He came in to the restaurant I was working at and did Karaoke every Friday night. He was also the DJ for my Matron of Honor's wedding, the lovely Megan from Boots and Beaches! So I know first hand that he does a great job!

So many things we are checking off the list, and I cannot wait to start working on the small details after the new year! Crafting is one of my favorite things, and I see a lot of it in my future this spring! As each step comes together I just keep getting more excited!

226 days and counting... so lucky to be in love with my best friend! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Theme Thursday!

Well I dropped the ball on "Wedding Wednesday" for the last couple of weeks, so I felt like it was time for some updating as this process continues.  (Not to mention I had forgotten my NEW password I had just updated...go me! haha)

So we have some items finalized... photographer, reception venue, and most importantly.. my groom!
;-)  But now on to more big details. I think we have zeroed in on a DJ, but are still on the hunt for a cake, florist and officiant. After that, I will feel much more confident having most of the "big" items secured.

 Since I dropped the ball on Wedding Wednesday... we'll move on to Theme Thursday! My mind has been all over the place through out this whole process and I think I have probably changed my mind about a million times already.I started out wanting a peacock theme. Something along these lines....

After more thought, I changed my mind, feeling it wasn't quite summer-y enough, despite my love for that color combination. I then landed on the thought of navy and coral.

And while I loved the idea of it, and believe me I LOVE the colors, especially coral! Anyone who knows me knows my love for coral. I just felt it has been used a lot lately, and I really wanted to come up with something different. I think I have finally landed on something like this.... 

A navy to royal blue, and a turquoise/teal/mint color. There is much debate on the names for colors and every boutique and vendor has different names for them. It keeps the blue (tying in one of M and I's college colors) and then one of my favorite classic colors of turquoise (not to mention give it a little ZTA touch ;) ) I want it to be more on the nautical side rather than beachy. The reception venue (and possibly the ceremony as well will be on the water, but not on a beach. I'm getting excited and feeling like things are slowly falling into place! My bridesmaids and I have an appointment to try on their dresses next weekend. I cannot wait to see them in dresses and narrow down yet another big part of our day!

344 days and counting... I cannot wait to be Mrs. Van Hout!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashback Friday to.... ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!

When we first started this wedding process, my sweet dad gave me some of the very best advice. He said "Prioritize what is important to you. Start making choices based on that list and then everything else will start coming together." It was probably the BEST advice I have received yet. He keeps reminding me of it and it has really helped through this process!

With that being said, the first things I realized that were most important to me were.... our date.... and the photographer.  With our families being all spread out, and having many teachers and then kids still in schools, the only month that made the most sense for everyone to be able to travel was July. After picking the month, we were then able to narrow it down to....... JULY 18, 2015! Which, might I add... happens to be exactly one year from today!

Once we picked our date, we then booked our photographer. I am photo crazy on a regular basis, so it only made sense that I would be for our wedding as well. Not to mention, photos are the only physical things you get to take away from the best day of your life! After attending a few bridal shows and meeting a few different photographers, my decision became very clear. My step-mom, MOH and I went and met with the amazing Dustin Lewis at Dustin Lewis Images! I cannot rave about him enough! He shot my Big's wedding back in March of last year and he did such an amazing job! I am so thrilled we have secured him for our wedding day.

Now, for a sneak peek at his amazing work and a few of my favorite shots from our Engagement session!!

We did our engagement shoot at the former Fort Monroe. It was a perfect location! It provided for so many different scenes and back drops and it was really just a lot of fun. M was a trooper during it all. His allergies were terrible, not to mention pictures aren't generally his thing... but he did amazing and I had so much fun taking these with him!
....365 days and counting! I cannot wait to start forever with my very best friend! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday....Engagement Party Edition!

I am sad I am so far behind in blogging that I can even sort of consider the engagement party a throw back. Our family and my AWESOME MOH's threw us the most amazing engagement party! I had decided I wanted to have that as on of our wedding festivities early on. Michael proposed on a Wednesday night and we got to see friends and family scattered through out the next week and through the holidays,  but I didn't feel like we got a chance to REALLY celebrate our engagement with those that mean the most to us. And let me tell you, these people really out did themselves. It was so much more than I could have fathom, or any idea I could have dreamed up in this creative brain of mine. Thank you doesn't even begin to describe it!

So... let's start at the beginning with some of the creative decor!

::swoon:: Coozies and Monograms... does it get any better?! 

The decorations were adorable and the food was delicious! We did a cinco de mayo theme for the meal, but I couldn't bring myself to do the decor as well, and I am SO glad I didn't! How beautiful is all of this?! 

Great conversations were had, and we got to break in our amazing cornhole boards! And I think one of the best parts of the weekend..... Oma and Steve drove all the way in from Knoxville for the day (LITERALLY) to help us celebrate! Love them!! 

Our wonderful families! 
 The Kane Side

The Van Hout/Henderson Side

 Zeta Sisters

 Childhood Best Friends 

Part of the "Red Squad" (thats a story for later) and M's best friends! 

And come on now... you know it wouldn't be a VanKane event without our sweet Lilly girl, who was extremely well behaved that day I might add! :) 

All in all it was the most perfect afternoon that ended way too soon! So thankful for the amazing people in our lives and the incredible support we have in our family and friends! Thank you doesn't say enough! We are so blessed! 

.....366 days and counting!